I decided to do a review on this wig because a lot of people have been asking me about it. 

It's kind of hard for me to find a straight wig that i like, will last, and isn't too shiny. The shine you see from these photos are simply from the flash. I never like to buy middle part wigs because they never suit me well at all. I like to get free part or side part wigs. 

Anyways, I fell in love with this wig because all you really need is a paddle brush and a flat iron to keep it looking amazing. 

The wig comes with two combs at both temples and one in the nape area.

I customized mine to have little baby hairs to look more natural (they're not shown in these pics).

I would say it's about 18 inches of hair and it has a decent amount of density. I hate thin wigs. GIMME VOLUME. 

I also plucked the part because it wasn't as wide as I would have wanted it to be. The hairs came out SO easily so if you're not a pro at plucking your parts, you would love this.


But what are the CONS?

Let's get into it....

The only con with this hair is that you KIND OF have to brush it constantly. It tangles up a little but I don't mind the maintenance. 

It's one of those wigs you cant leave the house without a comb or brush but the tangles are not extreme and it's manageable in my opinion. 

It was only annoying to deal with when I would be working an 8 hour shift at my retail job, running around when I knew my hair didn't look as neat as I would have wanted it. Of course when I did have the chance, I simply finger combed the hair to make it look a little better. 

Now again, the maintenance of this hair is not extreme. I would rate the tangles to be about a 5 or a moderate tangles. It has a yaki texture so it's not unlikely for this to happen. If you're someone that wants to throw on your wig and go, without worrying about if all of the hairs are in place, this wig isn't for you. As someone who usually goes for curly hair textures, the maintenance of this unit isn't anything I'm not used to. 

I would actually purchase this wig again in a different color.

Wig: Yani by Bobbi Boss

Color: 1B

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