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Tyra Mae is a natural hair guru...I think we all can see why! We attend the same university and have had natural hair chats about various things that have worked (or didn't work) for our hair. We also have similar styles; often conversing about Rihanna's new releases. 

Tyra has a down to earth & sweet personality. She also has a great sense of humor & a classic sense of style that is also trendy yet timeless. It made the most sense to interview her in my Hair Files so she can speak to my readers about natural hair while also collaborating on a look together.

Our Hair Chat:

What are your current favorite hair products?

Aight so boom, my two favorite hair products at the moment would have to be from the Mielle Organics pomegranate and honey line. The leave in conditioner and twisting soufflé have been my go to whenever I need my fro to be extra poppin. It leaves my hair smelling like candy which is always nice.

Is shrinkage a problem for you and if so, do you ever use heat styling tools to stretch your hair? 

I wouldn't say shrinkage is a problem for me, if anything I use it to my advantage. Shrinkage helps me achieve volume so I try not to alter it with heat.

Have you ever used chemicals in your hair? If so, how was the transitioning process? 

I had a relaxer. The transitioning process was actually one of my favorite stages in my hair journey despite having to deal with the two different textures. 

Why was the transitioning process your favorite? It’s a dreaded process for most naturals.

I think it helped me in the long run in terms of how I take care of my hair. I was also more adventurous when it came to trying new things with my hair because I knew I was going to chop majority of it off.

What’s the weirdest thing/compliment someone has said to you about your hair ? 

The most recent would have to be when I was walking outside, a police officer told me I had nice hair using his loud speaker.

Last question, why did you agree to collaborate with a fashion blogger? 

Because I'm more than my hair. People may see my hair first but they see my style right after.


Instagram| @youhadmeatbacon


Her Outfit Details

Jeans from Zara

Vintage Jean Jacket x Levi's

Air Max 97 Metallic Gold Collection 

Shooting this look with her was really fun. Of course, we had to throw on our Gold Maxes for this collab...



Photo Creds: Kyra Donahoo

Instagram | @srymae


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