review | "Raven"

Let’s get into this wig!

This is my first time purchasing a wig from and let me tell you, it wont be my last. I’ll be graduating from my university this month and I was really feeling a bob for graduation.

I’ve been wearing it for about two weeks now and almost everyday so I can give you the full run down.


  • When you first buy this wig, don’t wash it with regular shampoo & conditioner. Purchase the Silicon Mix Hair Treatment ( roughly $5) and the Silicon Mix Hydrating Shampoo ( about $3 ) — I purchased mine from the beauty supply store but evidently they sell it at target as well lol

  • I purchased the shampoo and conditioner because I realized the wig didn’t look lively at all. After a couple of hours, there was no body and the hair looked dull — even greasy sometimes although I didn’t use much on the hair besides shampoo, conditioner, and heat protectant to flat iron — BUT THESE TWO PRODUCTS BROUGHT THIS HAIR BACK TO LIFE! This was my first time purchasing them after I remembered that everyone on youtube used this when their hair needed a little help. I gave it a go and it was the best decision I’ve made. Now I have to keep these products on deck for any bundles or wigs I buy. It completely revamped my hair.


  • The hair has a lot of body, the density is perfect.

  • It comes as 12in. but i purchased 14in (in case I didn’t like the 12in. I can always cut the 14in.) I decided to keep it this length.

  • The company bleaches the knots for you!


This wig has a lot of flyaways! That is my only complaint. There are a lot of very small pieces throughout the wig.

Deal Breaker or Keeper?

Regardless of the flyaways, it’s a keeper! The wig still serves the looks it needs to serve. It’s cute, it’s dope. I definitely plan to make this as my go-to wig. I think it’s great to have as a staple.


  • Comes with adjustable straps & 3 combs attached

    Raven - Malaysian Hair Elegant Bob LACE FRONT WIG - LFW003

    Cap Construction - 6" Deep Part Lace Front Wig

    Hair Color - Natural Hair Color

    Hair Length - 14 Inch

    Hair Texture - Silky

    Lace Color - Light Brown

    Cap Size - size-1 (circumference 21.5" - 22")

    Bleached Knots Option - Light bleached

    Adjustable Elastic Band - No (I used the one it came with)

    Wig Cap Color - Nude Color