I purchased these sneakers from a Footlocker while I was in Paris. I have wanted these for a while, not this specific color-way, but the shoe in general. While I was abroad I really wanted to purchase some things I couldn't find in the states or things that were hard to find in the states, regarding shoe size and desired color. 

So i found these babies. They have these all over Europe, whereas, in the states they don't have many or at least there are colors I don't like. Usually when I do come across these they are in Men but they had these in Men, Women & Kids to choose from, even babies!

So I actually purchased these in kids/boys and they weren't cheap either but were SO worth it. They were about $169 and i love them. Im not going to lie, when I first wore them, they hurt my feet and I had to wear the right socks with them to be comfortable. After I broke them in, they were so comfy. Im STILL obsessed with them. 

MaKayla Brooks