One of my favorite things to do is dress up or dress down a look and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. 



"Classic" is stitched on the collar.   SIZE SMALL

  • Black Booties x Ego Official  SIZE 7 (I usually wear 7.5)
  • Metal Adidas Shelltoe : Purchased from Black Rainbow in Paris, France 
  • Backpack x Sprayground - purchased in 2014 / sold out 

I've been trying to put together a look for this Adidas for the longest because I am so in love with them and I don't like to wear my new pieces until I make a post about them. I first saw these when I was in Italy from a place called Holypop Store. This store had a bunch of dope items, including clothes. These sneakers caught my eye but I was not prepared to buy them at the moment & yes, I left Italy without them and I regretted it. I hoped to find them in another little store while I was in Europe. They weren't in Spain but I did find them in Paris. 

France was the last country I studied in before returning to the States. I realized I havent explored any fashion hot spots while in Paris, which was crazy because I was in the fashion capital of the world. CRAZY. I looked up a couple popular stores to visit and Black Rainbow was one of them. They had the sneakers and I was so ecstatic I could have cried in that moment. My size was the last size they had in stock. I would have been a fool to leave Europe without them. 

Because of the design of the shoe, the metal at the toe is slightly stiff and the toe space is more confined than the original shelltoes. The sneaker isn't UNCOMFORTABLE but It's definitely not a sneaker you would wear everyday or for more than a couple hours. I highly doubt the material will stretch. But nevertheless, I'm so obsessed with this sneaker and I am very very happy with my purchase.