Digital Publishing & Print Design Spring 2017

*details below*

This was a semester project created in my Design class. The assignment was to create a magazine spread with 2 ads inside. We had creative freedom to do our magazines on whatever topic we would like. I based mine around my blog & fashion. To complete this project,I learned how to use In Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop and I was able to put these skills to work to create a spread the same way large publications create magazines such as Vogue, Essence, Paper, etc. 

As you may have noticed, there's no actual content for this spread & the body text is in Latin. The assignment was to design the magazine with "placeholder text", however, I had to create original headlines, subtitles, pull quotes, eyebrows & folio.  

I created a magazine cover in high school as a project in my Fashion Merchandising class but that was only using Microsoft Word / WordArt. 

(my high school project is below)

So I was really glad to be able to expand on my skills and create something I'm really proud of. 

Wouldn't mind working for a publication company! I won't knock that at all. Creating this was more fun than work for me. 


Photos pulled from the web: Fenty Slides photo, Adidas 80's Metal sneakers (single pic) , Water Splash transparent, Flower Petal transparent, all logos excluding the individual Asos (tall, maternity, petite, curve - I created these with text and effects).

created: 2015

created: 2015